Friday, June 8, 2012

Vampires do they really exist

Why not add a little bit of real life and yet mythological stories. I’ve been doing a research about vampires for about two hours of long reading and comparing sites. Yet most of them have the same stories and explanations. When I look further it’s all scientifically explained, of course if you know a lot about medicine, diseases and science itself. What I found interesting is the description of a vampire state. By what I have read when you’re a vampire you are infected with vHERV virus which is very similar to HIV and has the same way of acting but do not kills you. If you do the test on HIV you’ll get positive but I wouldn’t like to play with my life like that. What this virus  basically do to you is that it makes you think think faster, move faster, want to drink blood and stuff like that. My explanation is purely scientific because it’s been proved that if a human been makes its brain work faster the nerves will move faster with that and eventually you’ll be able to move faster, think faster and have much stronger senses.  If you cause this you might get a serious disease or a virus because there are negative effects to this. I know and that there’s some medicine made to speed up your nerves but it hasn’t been approved by doctors because they don’t now what are the side effects. This medicine is still in a stage of researching but I watched on television interview with one very intelligent student on Harvard and he said that he takes this pill when he must learn for about 35 hours. As he explained it’s easier to learn when he takes the pill, because his brain starts working 20% faster. Normally, a human’s brain is using 5% of its full potential, scientist’s brains use 8% of their full potential.

At the end I still don’t believe in vampires because I haven’t seen one and I always rely on science explanations which gets my life 100% easier but if you love occult than I guess we have different opinions.

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  1. I Don't believe in them either :)

    ~ bracken1234