Monday, May 21, 2012

Does being honest make more enemies for you

" Does being honest make more enemies for you "

Today I've been really frustrated with this topic. Mostly because I got insulted just because I was honest about someone's style and look. I mean we all talk how being honest is the best thing you can do but when you actually say something honestly and it's not something that the girl or a boy wants to hear you just get insulted. It's like you get punched in your face and that moment you see the whole truth in front of your face.

Now I don't really want to state who insulted me but just thinking about it I can see how many stardoll users are actually immature and unprofessional (I'm not saying you're anything of this). There aren't a lot of stardoll users that know what being honest and professional  really and truthfully means. One more thing is that when you criticize someone's look and tell him/her your opinion you usually get some boring answer which is actually not an answer. Like thank you anyways, go to hell or I don't know but usually it's one of this things.

In some other  cases a fight can start in GBS of the two persons that are talking or fighting. A lot of bad words with a heavy meaning get exchanged between two persons. Then someone else interrupts into the fight and a chaos begins.

At the end you get nothing except one more enemy and one more bad experience.

That's the truth ladies, and the thing I'm asking myself.

Why do we have to be like that?
We're saying something and doing something completely different.

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