Thursday, May 31, 2012


The best time of the year is finally here! I am currently not out of school yet, but will be in 13 days. In honor of this amazing year I have decided to do a bunch of fun summer stardoll looks. Okay now before you look at the outfits I want to mention a few things. I decided to dye my hair orange for the summer because I feel it gives me a fun energetic look for summer. I also darkened my skin color for the look of an airbrushed tan. Hope you enjoy!!!!

This is a fun party outfit. All of these clothing items are limited edition but you can probably find something similar.

This is a cute casual outfit. Again all clothes are limited edition.

This outfit is perfect for poolside parties.

These last two are just cute dresses for summertime the first one was a free offer and the second dress is from Folk.

Hope you enjoyed,
zacefronfan844/ Katie

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