Friday, April 6, 2012

How much is our dollywood similar to our real life? Ever wondered about that?

Have you ever wondered, how much is dollywood, we all love, similar to our real lives?

Well, I've been asking myself this question for ages and actually there are some similarities with Dollywood and my real life. Like all those scandals we read on The Antagonist of stardoll (Don't know who's The Antagonist, where have you been?!), I guess there are scandals and in our real lives. 

The biggest scandal in my school this year was when a girl we all thought is the girlfriend of the hottest guy in school, was actually just a liar. Oh, that was a big big scandal. The same things are happening and in Dollywood, don't you think so? And The Antagonist always posts them the first. As many of you I love to gossip too, and comparing stardoll gossips to real life ones is very hard but when you look a little deeper in those gossips you'll see something similar to your real life.

Clothes, fashion and originality things that are valued the most on stardoll. In my school fashion is one of the most important things, because it shows are you going with steps of the fashion. Seeing quite different styles in my school every year is a normal thing. One year we wear short skirts and the next one we wear street jeans. I think that's a big similarity and with Dollywood. You know trends are changing with years. I mean I'm on stardoll about a year or two and I've seen a lot of different fashion trends out there. Right now, we all know that in trends are wigs and jewelry things. Like boots we make on our own, or even some crazy stuff for your doll's face, like blood. 

So, who says that Dollywood is just a virtual life that has no similarities with the real life ones?


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