Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to make your computer look girly

As I promised, I'll show you how to make your computer girly and stylish. So, this is how my computer looks.

Now this are the things you need:

UX Multi Patcher Theme, you can download it here. Warning, don't abort the setup or it may damage your computer system. Be patient and wait. ;D

After you finish the installation, click here to go and download the theme.

Now when  you have downloaded the theme, go to your download directory, and unzip the file. After you do that copy the folder that you'll get to the next destination.

Local Disc C/ Windows/ Resources/ Themes. Paste it right there. Then click on properties of your computer, and select appearance. Then click on Windows and buttons if you're using Windows XP, if you are using some other OS the controls are a little bit different but I guess you know how to change your theme and on Win7. So when you have clicked on Windows and buttons find theme called Gaia09. Select it and choose the color of it.

Now to change the toolbar, you'll need a program called styler (click on the name to download it) and take a look at this video 
The video will show you how to use styler's toolbar. Now when you have watched the video, click here to download the Gaia09 toolbar. Copy it to Local Disc C/ Program Files/Styler/TB/Skins/Styler's and paste it there.

Now, to download the background, just click on the picture bellow. I'll set a few of them so you can download the one you like the most. The Images are not mine credits belong to some other authors.

Hope you like it,


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