Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Raffle winner+ 3 hairstyles of the week/ Wigs inspiration

Hello everyone, if you don't remember few days ago I made one raffle and there was only one application. Sad really sad, however amy235 will get her prize of 10sd. You have 24 hours from now to set something in your bazar for 10sd so you can get your prize.

3 Hairstyles of the week: Today's topic Wigs inspiration

Wigs are really popular on stardoll lately. Many stylists on stardoll are making them but not very few of them really make it looks nice. Personally my favorite wig designers are SweetPatty and Tally. They have the talent and they know what they want when they are starting a design. I thought that in this topic I can show you some very beautiful hairstyles that you can create on stardoll and they can be your inspiration.

Let's start.

Riri's hairstyle that I haven't been seeing quite much on stardoll, because most of stardoll designers are making starpoint wigs. I mean on the hairstyles you earn with your starpoints but I don't really like to buy them, because even though there are some good copies they're not original. 

I'm not really specialist at creating wigs, but I think this one is not too hard to create. To this hairstyle I give 4.5/5 points.

Lady Gaga's hairstyle with a bow. Well I've seen a lot of bows on stardoll but no one actually remembered to make some wig with it. Plus I'd recommend you this wig, because it's very stylish and trendy but it's not easy to be made.

So, I give to this hairstyle 4,8/5 points.

The last hairstyle is Selena Gomez's medium curly hair. If you are a fan of natural look, than this hairstyle is the perfect one. My personal opinion is that this hairstyle goes with everything and any type of make-up but the natural make-up is the perfect match for this hairstyle. I think that it's not very hard to make it with a little bit of more practice. 

I give to this hairstyle,  4,7/5 points.

That's all for now, I hope you got some really good inspiration for wigs from this post.



  1. I specially love the Selena Gomez hairstyle , she looks adorable with that hairstyle , and I think that this hairstyle is on stardoll as a hairstyle you won't have to desing it ;)